DMG has the proven capability to mobilize within hours of contract issuance. Experienced and professional staff, coupled with a network of world-class support companies with years of experience, allow DMG to be an industry leader in rapid mobilization of military projects.

In 2006 DMG built a 5,000 person turn-key base camp, comprised of (4) Forward Operating Bases and multiple smaller sites, in only 8 days from start to finish. In 2008, DMG was contracted to build (3) FOB’s in the Atacama desert of northern Chile. In less than 72 hours of contract issuance DMG had mobilized assets via a DC10 aircraft and had boots on the ground in Chile ready to begin installation.

Exceeded expectations; completed set up of 4 FOB locations ahead of schedule.
Stephen Kandul, Director of Contracting, Fort Stewart, GA