DMG provides temperature controlled and floored kitchen facilities to support catering services for up to 10,000 persons in a single facility.

Core components might include tent structure/s with hard or soft wall systems, an elevated wood or non-permeable/non-skid plastic flooring system, glass and/or metal doors, thermostat controlled HVAC, hallide lighting, tables, fire safety equipment, power generation and distribution, LP gas storage and supply and prep areas.

Temporary kitchens can be designed to your specifications with a choice of professional appliances including, but not limited to; tilt skillets, convection ovens, steamers, speed racks, proof cabinets, prep tables, char broilers, grills, fryers, and sinks or dish washing machines. DMG can also supply containerized or tented dry storage areas, walk-in coolers or freezers, and/or containerized or tractor trailer refrigerated or frozen storage facilities.